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The Laker Shop is open to the public and operates from
September - May
8:00 - 3:30
Laker Production is student led, creating custom Laker items and operates from 
September - May
9:00 - 3:00

Laker Gear Is Just A Click Away

Laker Production Items



 Attention all DL Lakers Fans! It’s time for a year end SALE-abration at The Laker Shop!  Upgrade your Laker gear and enjoy massive discounts of 25%-50% on ALL merchandise!  Whether you're looking for new threads or cool Laker spirit accessories for the next home game, we’ve got you covered! 

Get in Touch

1301 Roosevelt Ave, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

218-847-4491 ext. 2339

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The Laker Shop

#1 Laker Apparel Provider 

The Laker Shop is located within the Detroit Lakes High School and is the communities premier laker apparel destination. Our store is staffed by current students and much of the day to day operations is student run. 

Mission Statement:

To provide our students with hands-on experience and valuable pre-employment skills so they can become competitively employed in our community.

Laker Production

Laker Production is located within Detroit Lakes High School and is the paving the way for students to get real world experience in production! We Operate in our own wing in the school and thanks to businesses that have donated machinery we can make many custom items. All orders that come in is our curriculum for the school year.

Mission Statement

Laker Production is a student-led business in Detroit Lakes High School. Our goal is to get real-world experience while spreading Laker Pride throughout our community through the creation of custom-made items

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